• WEB development

    • Conceptualizing content and graphic design
    • Web domain registration and web site hosting arrangement
    • Programming (Flash, XHTML, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, jquery)
    • Data base (mySql, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Oracle)
    • Web page maintenance and updates
    • Development of web banners and other web elements and
    applications for web marketing

  • Android applications

    • Development of General Purpose Android applications
    • Development of Content Management Systems (CMS) with
    Android and/or Web frontend and backend
    • Development of cross platform (Android, Windows Phone, iOS)
    mobile applications

  • Desktop application

    • Development of Windows desktop applications
    • Development of Mac OS desktop applications
    • Development of Linux desktop applications
    • Development of cross platform desktop applications

  • Graphic design & prepress

    • Design solutions for all types of print materials:
    posters, leaflets, brochures, catalogues, billboards, city lights,
    stickers, invitations etc.
    • Language adaptation for print materials: catalogues, brochures etc
    • Illustrations

  • Corporative identity

    • Company name
    • Visual identity
    • Logo
    • Business communication materials such as:
    business cards, memos, envelopes, invoice templates
    • Graphic standard technical manuals

  • Product & Packaging design

    • Product name - creating brand
    • Graphic design of labels
    • 3D packaging design
    • 3D Render of product-images with HI Res quality
    • Folding patterns

  • Retouching

    • High End digital retouching suitable for commercial work
    • Professional photo retouching services for:
    models, photographers, publishing, advertising, web sites
    • Photo retouch composite
    • Creative retouching.

  • Print

    • Coordination and printing supervision of all types of print materials:
    posters, stickers, leaflets, brochures, catalogues, various types of
    packaging, labels, by all printing techniques: offset, roto, digital,
    silk print, flexo and all types of additional finishing.

  • Video production

    • Production of TV commercials as well as adaptation/synchronization
    • Production of promotional, corporative and documentary videos
    • Editing of video and audio materials
    • Postproduction
    • Archiving (DVD, miniDV, BetaCAM)
    • Professional,corporate CD/DVD presentation (authoring)

  • Audio production

    • Professional voice recording (voiceovers) in "dead room" with
    RODE NT2-A professional low noise microphone, M-AUDIO Fast Track Audio Card, SHURE SRH440 headphones
    • Radio commercials, adaptation/synchronization
    • Editing of prerecorded audio materials
    • Audio effects
    • Composing copyright music samples

  • 2D

    • Animation of 2D objects and graphic elements
    • Pre-production (storyboard, character design, background)
    • Key animation
    • 2D animated movies

  • 3D

    • 3D characters (modeling/skinning/rigging/mapping/animation)
    • Modeling & animation of three-dimensional objects
    • Render of 3D product images with HI Resolution quality
    • Compositing 3D objects with real environment
    • 3D architectural interior and exterior visualizations
    • 3D multimedia presentations

  • Industrial design

    • Concept design
    • 3D product design
    • Production detail drawings
    • Real clay model
    • 3D printing

  • Post-production & SFX

    • Chromakey- blue screen and green screen
    • Motion tracking and color correction
    • Digital sets and backgrounds
    • Matte painting
    • Digital environments
    • Editing
    • Compositing & post-production

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